Sardine Run 2008

This year the Sardine Run along our Natal coast took us to the town of Port Edward. Heavy rains and severe floods made photographing almost impossible.

Common Dolphins

The first four days of the trip was frustrating to say the least, as the beaches and launch sites were closed due to huge amounts of debris in the water. We spent the next 8 days travelling as far south as Waterfall Bluff, in search of some sardine action and clearer water. Eventually we found some dolphin activity and small pockets of birds, but still no baitballs! On the day that we did find a tiny baitball, or the remains of one, a scramble to get to it by every operator in the vicinity, left us with a bad taste in our mouth and a feeling of “Is this really worth all this fuss?” Well while the guys were fighting over whose baitball it is anyway, I ceased the moment to free dive down and snap a couple of shots while watching the dolphins at work. And realised, that yes, it is definitely worth it, even just to catch a glimpse of the action! In utter amazement I hung under the baitball, watching how the dolphins work together, like synchronized swimmers.

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